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Puyallup Tribe - Qwibil - Tacoma Washington

Owned by the Puyallup Tribe of Indians.

The word, Qwibil is a Lushootseed word that literally means to fix oneself mentally, physically,

and spiritually. It implies personal responsibility for a journey to be our best selves


Transform your Body, Mind and Life.


To provide professional guidance to patients on their path towards wellness through use of

botanical medicines including CBD.

To educate the community on the benefits of CBD as medicine. 

To conduct research on medical benefits, product development, and community impacts of

CBD as medicine.

To provide access to pharmaceutical quality, standardized medical products.

Our Care Philosophy

At Qwibil, we pride ourselves on providing compassionate care with a variety of scientifically based treatment options. Our kind, caring, and supportive staff work with patients to identify a variety of treatment options that will help them achieve their health and wellness goals. A visit to Qwibil is not like a visit to another clinic or doctors office. From our comfortable waiting room to our attentive staff, Qwibil is designed to provide a comfortable and comprehensive treatment experience that provides patients with access to high-quality naturopathic treatment and medical grade CBD products.

Puyallup Tribe - Qwibil - Tacoma Washington
Our Integrated Approach

Through a research partnership with Washington State University Qwibil plans to study medical applications of CBD as it relates to cancer treatment, opioid addiction recovery, and other scientifically verified applications.

The Qwibil Natural Healing Clinic provides patients an opportunity to consult a certified Naturopathic Doctor about how CBD related medicines can help them responsibly manage medical conditions and ailments.

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